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Cobalt in EVs = Blood Diamonds…

Cobalt, lithium, and manganese are some of the key materials needed to build electric car batteries. As demand for these commodities skyrockets, so does the price and electric car makers are increasingly turning to the darker parts of the world, dealing with corrupt regimes in hopes of finding cheaper EV battery material. Check out this Bloomberg article here.

EVs are going to have to address this darker side of their industry as their adoption numbers slowly inch up. Their business model is unprofitable and relies upon a scarce commodity mined by the poor and children in corrupt nations all in hopes of possibly transforming transportation in the name of marginally lowering emissions in light duty vehicles.

CNG vehicles are American made and 100% powered by American Natural Gas. We are proud of that we never have to hide facts about our industry.


(Above: A creuseur, or digger, descends into a copper and cobalt mine in Kawama, Democratic Republic of Congo.)

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On Natural Gas & Clean Air

The Freedom CNG team thought this editorial in the Houston Chronicle over the past weekend was fantastic!! Marty Durbin of the American Petroleum Institute makes several excellent points about natural gas that often get overlooked in today’s overly-euphoric rush to push green technology from expensive electric vehicles to solar & wind power generation. Just a few thoughts…

On emissions: “Carbon emissions from power generation have plunged to nearly 30-year lows, and more than 60 percent of the decrease has come from the increased use of clean natural gas. Plentiful and affordable due to advances in production technology, the emergence of natural gas as part of the climate solution is market-driven, not government-mandated.”  (emphasis is mine)

On the Natural Gas industry’s commitment to clean tech: “Between 2000 and 2014, our industry (the oil & gas industry) invested about $90 billion in new zero- or low-emission technologies – more than twice that of any of the alternative energy industries and nearly as much as the federal government.”

On Jobs & the Economy: “…the industry is delivering major benefits to the economy, supporting 10.3 million jobs, including 2.7 jobs in other sectors for every direct job in the oil and natural gas industry.”

Natural Gas is reliably cheap, domestically abundant, and always clean. Support American Natural Gas!

You can also click here for the story:

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38K People Die a Year due to Diesel NOx

Read this article the other day and was floored by the findings of the Environmental Health Analytics and the US & International Council on Clean Transportation.

Currently 38,000 people in Europe, China & India die every year early due to the failure of diesel vehicles to meet official emissions limits on NOx. Let me state that again…38,000!!!! We are talking premature death due to heart & lung disease, strokes, etc.

What is even more terrifying is that NOx emissions are rising at such an alarming rate that if further pollution controls are not put in place, the death toll could rise to 174,000 people a year by 2040. This number also does not account for any direct health costs associated with such emissions.

Clearly, something needs to be done to avert the existing & growing health crisis!

CNG is one of the many options out there and we hope companies will continue making the switch from dirty and life threatening diesel to clean compressed natural gas to fuel their fleets.

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The Future of Diesel…is…clear?

The winds of change are blowing against the continued use of a fuel that is not good for the environment and is completely unpredictable when it comes to pricing. By 2025 diesel & diesel engines will not be allowed in Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, & Athens. We are not talking about small municipalities but some of the biggest cities in the world. Folks are beginning to recognize the long term concerns of diesel emissions and we at Freedom CNG agree!

Check out this video. We found it pretty insightful and hope you will take a look when you have a moment.


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Port Region Summit Presentations

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the “Clear the Air: Transportation in the Port Region Summit” on March 2nd. At the end of the event, we had quite a few requests for the handouts & materials so we wanted to make them available online. Below are the event’s speakers with their corresponding presentations.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and especially to our presenters!

State of the Port: Ken Gathright, Port of Houston

State of the Air: Shelley Whitworth, HGAC

State of Oil & NatGas Industry: Dr. Ken Morgan, TCU Energy Institute

State of Chemical Industry: Dennis Winkler, Texas Chemical Council

A National View of the NatGas Vehicle MarketMatt Godlewski, NGVAmerica

NatGas Vehicle Funding Opportunities: Nate Hickman, TCEQ

Summary of the Summit: Eddie Murray, Freedom CNG

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Pickens: Use the VW Settlement for NatGas Vehicles posted a fantastic opinion piece by T Boone Pickens regarding the VW Settlement & the guiding criteria State Regulators in Oklahoma and all over the United States who are tasked with distributing over $16 BILLION, could use to increase natural gas vehicle adoption and make the United States more energy independent.

To Summarize:

  1. Use funds to replace vehicles that perform under current federal NOx limits.
  2. Treat all vehicles equally. In other words; replace dirty diesel powered medium and heavy duty with new, clean burning natural gas trucks. Batteries in electric vehicles will not power 18-wheeler vehicles and cost at least 5 times more so spending the funds where it logically makes sense.
  3. Spend the money on private fleets as opposed to state fleets since the money is coming from a corporation and not the taxpayers.


Mr. Pickens’ main point: “If Oklahoma uses these funds to replace aging fleets, this will be a “one-and-done” deal. On the other hand, if the money is used to provide incentives for the public and private sectors to purchase natural gas-powered vehicles, the positive effects on reducing NOx emissions will be magnified many times over the years.”

At Freedom CNG, we are here to support fleets in their transition from diesel to natural gas. Call or email us today so we can help you start burning CNG today!

281-484-3875 or


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New Chapter in NGV Adoption

We at Freedom CNG really enjoyed this article and interview by Matthew Veazey of In it, he discusses the state of the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry and has some solid questions for Matt Godlewski of the NGVAmerica.

Some items to note:

“NGVAmerica reports that there are more than 160,000 NGVs in the United States; the worldwide figure is approximately 15.2 million, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center

Per Godlewski: “NGVs are the only alternative fuel with engines and vehicles available today for a variety of applications – waste and recycling, transit, long- and short-haul trucking, fleet delivery vehicles and consumer cars and trucks.  We have witnessed an average annual growth in CNG stations of 11 percent each year since 2008…”

Another great point: “Fleets of all sizes have realized the benefits of using more natural gas in transportation.  They understand that America has decades of affordable reserves of natural gas that will keep prices low into the future. Maintenance costs are also lower with NGVs given their simple after-treatment systems.  And there is a great emissions story associated with NGVs – lower GHG, significantly less particulate matter and quieter engines.”

Mr. Veazey then asks about the current state of oil prices and how that changes the way CNG providers find new fleets. Mr. Godlewski is spot on when he replies: “Savvy fleets understand the volatility associated with world oil prices and the stability of using domestic natural gas.  Larger fleets are diversifying their transportation fuels. Yet, even on a head-to-head comparison today, natural gas is still 50 to 75 cents cheaper than diesel on average.”

Our only issue with the article is with the “Facts about NGVs” graphic stating that CNG is “better suited for light-duty vehicles” while “LNG is better suited for buses, tractor-trailers and other heavy duty vehicles”. This is simply NOT TRUE but we’ll just let the facts speak for themselves:


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Raymond James: Oil Up & Gas Outlook Improving

Our friends at Raymond James published their 2017 Oil & Natural Gas Predictions yesterday & there is a lot of good information in this research brief if you have time to read it.

Raymond James Long Term Predictions:

  • 2017 WTI average of $70/Bbl, moderating to $65 in 2018, and settling at $60 long-term. “$60 is the new $80”
  • Henry Hub Natural Gas forecast: $3.25 Mcf
  • US Rig Count to increase by 250 rigs in the next 12 months
  • Energy Stocks & the US Gas Market will have a “healthy” year

Freedom CNG’s view is simple: Higher oil prices make CNG an even more logical alternative to diesel as it will save your fleet money and help clean up the air quality in Texas. Call us and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

Happy New Year!


Source: Raymond James, J. Marchall Adkins, Pavel Molchanov, Garrison Allen, Rich Eychner



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Railroad Commission’s 2016 Year in Review

The Texas Railroad Commission released their 2016 Year in Review right before the holiday season summing up the agency’s accomplishments for the year. Among other exciting developments in the oil & gas industry was the continued growth of CNG fueling infrastructure from 51 CNG stations in 2012 to 146 by the end of 2016.

Also worth noting: there are now over 8,500 natural gas vehicles on the road in Texas today! Well done Texans and let’s continue to adopt clean burning, money saving CNG! Drive Green, Save Green.


RRC Alt Fuels

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Tube Trailers & Virtual Pipelines

We love our customers and we want to make sure they are happy. A few years back we got a call from a company asking whether we could fill a CNG tube trailer for an industrial concern. We thought: Why not?

As of today we have filled every type of tube trailer you can imagine for companies that put our CNG to use in power plants, apartments, manufacturing facilities, drilling rigs, industrial turbines, and in many many more ways. It all started with a phone call asking us to try something different.

IMG_7817     IMG_7816



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