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Diesel: Two Steps Forward & One Step Back!

Two steps forward & one step back is how we would describe the continuing increase in diesel prices. If you believe that the new normal is long-term cheap diesel, then by all means keep on trucking!

If your fleet needs a fuel that will remain consistently cheap with stable pricing, then CNG is the ONLY answer. Call or email us today for more information! or 281-484-3875

Today's Diesel

Website DoE Fuel Price Index

(Source: The US Energy Information Administration)

(with apologies to Desert Rose)

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CNG Fueling Systems vs LNG Fueling Systems

This article from Trucking Info is a must read if you are considering natural gas adoption. The choice is clear and CNG is a superior fuel to LNG in medium and heavy duty trucks.

If you would like more info, give us a call at (281) 484-3875 or email us at


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Freedom IN the press!

Freedom CNG’s new Midland site has received some fantastic press recently and we thought we would share it with our friends and customers! Please call or email if you are interested in adopting CNG into your fleet!

(Links to stories are embedded below)

Midland Reporter-Telegram

US Gas Vehicles

Yahoo Finance

NGT News

Green Fleet Magazine

Trucking Info

Overdrive Online

The Energy Source

Fleets and Fuels

Commercial Carrier Journal

American Journal of Transportation

Energy Global Magazine

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A Reliable Fuel Price or a Volatile Fuel Price?

Question for fleet owners and operators: Would you rather operate your fleet burning a fuel whose price per gallon you can accurately predict or one that has massive volatility and whose price is subject to the self-interest of foreign nations?

This is one of the main distinction when comparing CNG and Diesel. Don’t take our word for it, check out the prices recorded by the Dept. of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center over the past decade.

CNG’s price (in blue) remains flat thanks to domestic natural gas production while, conversely, Diesel and Propane (in black & red) spike up and down making both very hard to reliably predict.

With CNG, a fleet can “know” its fuel costs and sign long term fueling contracts with assurance that the price will be consistent. With Diesel and Propane…not so much…

Website DoE Fuel Price Index


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New 150-DGE CNG Array by Momentum and RUSH

Exciting to see Momentum Fuel Technologies and RUSH Enterprises getting more fully invested into the CNG industry with their new 150 DGE fueling system! Great article located in Fleets & Fuels posted here.

Quote of the week: “We believe that natural gas remains a viable option for some customers, and we are pleased to invest in product technology to meet a wider range of needs in the marketplace,” – Rush Enterprises Chairman, CEO & President Rusty Rush.

Rusty Rush outlined plans for state-of-the-art CNG fuel systems by the new Momentum Fuel Technologies at ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas. Now they've been enhanced. Kirk Fetzer photo at right


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