(September 12, 2018)

Freedom CNG celebrates National Truck Driver Week, by saluting all of those who travel the roads across the US transporting goods that many of us take for granted. There are roughly 3.63 million, Class 8 (18 wheelers) on the road in the US traveling all across the nation. In 2015, those trucks travelled over 273 billion miles in US, that’s like traveling to Mars and back over 4000 times. In August, the trucking industry set an industry record for the number of Class 8 truck orders in the US, showing that the trucking industry is strong.


With all of those trucks on the road there are also the tailpipe emissions that come with them. Reducing the amount of emissions that are produced by these trucks is imperative to cleaning up the air around metropolitan areas. Alternative fuels make a huge impact in reducing Nitrogen Oxides that contribute to the creation of ozone in the atmosphere around cities. The Houston Chronicle reported that 48% of the Houston’s NOx emissions come from mobile transportation. Eliminating dirty trucks and replacing them with clean trucks will start to clean up the air for cities all across the United States.


Diesel prices are on the move upwards once again. Forbes reported in late August that oil prices were set to start rising again, and they have. Generally, for every $5 the price of oil rises, the cost of diesel rises about $0.20 for fleets. Having a sustainable fuel source, like natural gas, that is not dependent to the price of oil falling to make it economical allows fleets to budget their year more efficiently and cleans up the air by emitting less harmful emissions into the air.


In Freedom CNG news, Freedom has been helping local owner operators trade in their old trucks and upgrade to a new CNG Class 8 tractor. Assisting small businesses in making an impact in cleaning up the air, especially in Houston, allows alternative fuels to grow in a market that is largely not familiar with the world of natural gas and clean burning fossil fuels. We hope to play a part in all local fleet conversions whether it be through informing owners of the benefits of natural gas, grant opportunities, or fueling services.


Freedom CNG promotes improving Houston’s air quality by reducing NOx emissions through the adoption of alternative fuels, like CNG. Freedom encourages the adoption of clean and affordable CNG for our customers through education, training, workshops and grant writing support for those willing to adopt CNG as a cleaner fuel choice.

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