The Freedom CNG team thought this editorial in the Houston Chronicle over the past weekend was fantastic!! Marty Durbin of the American Petroleum Institute makes several excellent points about natural gas that often get overlooked in today’s overly-euphoric rush to push green technology from expensive electric vehicles to solar & wind power generation. Just a few thoughts…

On emissions: “Carbon emissions from power generation have plunged to nearly 30-year lows, and more than 60 percent of the decrease has come from the increased use of clean natural gas. Plentiful and affordable due to advances in production technology, the emergence of natural gas as part of the climate solution is market-driven, not government-mandated.”  (emphasis is mine)

On the Natural Gas industry’s commitment to clean tech: “Between 2000 and 2014, our industry (the oil & gas industry) invested about $90 billion in new zero- or low-emission technologies – more than twice that of any of the alternative energy industries and nearly as much as the federal government.”

On Jobs & the Economy: “…the industry is delivering major benefits to the economy, supporting 10.3 million jobs, including 2.7 jobs in other sectors for every direct job in the oil and natural gas industry.”

Natural Gas is reliably cheap, domestically abundant, and always clean. Support American Natural Gas!

You can also click here for the story:

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